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The Bohemian Method

The “Bohemian” Method

As learned from Judith McNally (Lady Siobhan, Order of the Silver Wheel, NYWTW), who may have learned it from Rolla Nordic, as they were close friends.


This method is one of the most specific I have ever used.  It fills in a lot of blanks.

Your significator is taken out first and placed as shown on the diagram below.

Reversed cards do not matter in a reading of this sort.  If any are reversed, aright them and continue reading.

  1. Divide the pack into Major and Minor Arcana. Lay aside the Major and shuffle the minor, cutting three times.
  2. From this stack, lay out #1 to #12 as per the diagram, taking each card from the top of the deck. Read from past to future as indicated.
  3. Pick up your Major Arcana cards and position them as shown in diagram. Read them in sequence as shown by the numbered spaces #`13 to #19

Cards #1 to #12: The Outer Circle, concerning the matter being divined.

Cards #13 to #17: The Inner Circle – a detailed explanation.
           #13 – things begin on a note of …
           #14 – at the high point, there is …
           #15 – passing into …
           #16 – ending in …

Cards #17 to #19: The Inverted Triangle, or Inner Self
           #17 – past
           #18 – present
           #19 – future

The 20th Card, or Significator, is used to depict the querent: Female – Empress; Male – Emperor.

Layout of cards for the "Bohemian Method" spread

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