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Tag: tarot

The Hoi Polloi Tarot

The Hoi Polloi Tarot was one of the first decks I ever bought, following the disastrous purchase of “Zolar’s Astrological Tarot Fortune Telling Cards”. Until I found the Albano-Waite deck, it was my go-to for most of my studies, as it seemed like every book on the market back then used the Waite-Smith ("Rider-Waite") as…

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Lost & Found

After having been missing for over a year, one of my oldest Tarot decks, my Miniature Albano-Waite Tarot, resurfaced today, on the top of my dresser. Where my glasses live at night, and I see every day. The copyright on this deck is 1968, it's the second printing of Frankie Albano's recoloring of the Waite-Smith…

Some recent additions

I've increased my inventory of decks and books. Here are some of them: The Game of Hope: This deck is a facsimile of the original Game of Hope cards published in 1799. The deck was initially conceived as a parlor game to be played with dice. Fifty years later the cards were…

Ace Cards in Tarot

You can now benefit from extensive analysis from an expert in astrology. I will put all my professionalism and talents at your service to provide you with exhaustive and totally personal analysis of your current situation.

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