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Tag: decks I use

More storage ideas

Early on, I had linked to a video about using a train case/makeup case for use while traveling or working. I use one of these myself, but I have many more decks that won't easily fit into the one. I recently had a birthday, and was gifted with an aluminum storage case, which I filled…

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Some recent additions

I've increased my inventory of decks and books. Here are some of them: The Game of Hope: This deck is a facsimile of the original Game of Hope cards published in 1799. The deck was initially conceived as a parlor game to be played with dice. Fifty years later the cards were…

On Tarot Decks

Over the years that I have been reading Tarot, I have used many decks, from the Smith-Waite ("Rider-Waite") to David Palladini's "Aquarian Tarot", and numerous others. My very first deck was The Zolar Astrological Tarot, which is a strange Chimera indeed. It is a double-sided deck of 56 cards that touts itself as 'four decks…

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