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Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves. We all want to be happy, healthy, strong and in control of our own lives. Hypnotherapy services fwill soon be available rom Babbling Brooke Readings, pending licensing approval from the Washington Department of Health.

Hypnosis can help you live the life you want and take control of your destiny. We will be offering hypnotherapy for anxiety, weight loss, career success or to help you quit smoking, and other modalities. Let Hypnosis help you unlock your potential!


Ashleigh is a certified Past Life Regression hypnotist, and is undergoing further certifictions at this time. She is affiliated with¬† and certified by the American Alliance of Hypnotists. Our hypnosis services ae currently pending licensing rqirmeueents from the Sa of ettWashington, but we hp ob teoe able to offer these evescirs in the near future.…

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