How much do you charge for a reading? 

Our reading rates are very simple. 

All readings are currently $25.00 per half-hour, or part thereof.

At present, we are offering readings via email or by online video platforms; Zoom, Facebook, Duo are currently available, with advance arrangement, we can adjust to accommodate your preference – ours is Zoom.

Due to the lingering effects of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we are declining all in-person requests at this time. This is subject to change in the future, as circumstances improve in our region. Make arrangements for your reading via email, via our contact form on the website or by telephone at the number shown.

Schedule you video or telephone appointment at our booking site here.

For Clergy services:

There are no set rates for any of the services we provide as members of the Pagan Clergy, guidelines are posted on the “Other Services” page, but these are only guidelines, not set fees.

At a minimum, you should expect to cover costs of transportation and any mandatory expenses (legal filing fees, etc.) incurred by the clergy performing your service. An honorarium is customary.

Hypnosis services

The inital session for a hypnosis program is a minium of one hour, and the cost is $100. At this session, we will go over your needs, and discuss what I can help you with, and how many sessions I think it will require for you to achieve your goals.

Some things can be accomplished in one or two sessions, others may require several sessions. We will discuss the full cost of your course ande come to an agreement on terms, and a contract regarding those terms will be signed by both parties.

Schedule you video or telephone consultation at our booking site here.