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Seattle Psychics Association

Today’s quarterly online Seattle Psychics Association Professional Development Retreat just finished up, and it was a fun event. I normally do not get to attend for the full day, but this week was an exception, for which I’m very happy.

All of the presentations were great and informative.

  • N’mier LaVeau: Presented a talk on the Benefits currently provided and upcoming for SPA
  • Roman Delgado – Healing your Soul and Co-Creating Prosperity w/ the Dead
    This touched on several topics of interes to me, especially on “generational curses” and the eneegy of the (my term here) “wounded dead”.
  • 11:30 am Lilliana Blackstar – The Ethical Guide to Spiritual Counseling Businesses. The SPA Code of Ethics is lisinbked under our Code of Ethics Page
  • Lunch Break
  • Trisha Parker – Tarot as Prosperous Business – with tips and advice on promoting business and keeping time for yourself as well.
  • Brenna Grace – Advertising you magic! – suggestions on graphics, marketing, and more.
  • Tea and Tarot Ending Mentorship Hour – one on one breakout rooms where we could get to know each other a bit better. Think of something akin to “Psychic Speed Dating”.

All in all, a very good session, I’m looking forward to being able to participate more fully with SPA.

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