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Meet Our Team

Below are current members of our team of readers and clergy.

Ashleigh, candid photo summer 2019

Ashleigh M

Intuitive and Holistic Tarot Reader

I’m a Traditionalist With, with Shinto & Bön Buddhist leanings, and known for many years within the Pagan Communties as Moondancer or Brooke Morningstar.

I have over 50 years experience reading Tarot, runestones (of a variety of forms), and Ogham. I have also studied Astrology since the early 1970s.

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Katrina M.

Intuitive Reader

Reading Tarot since her teen years, Katrina is a Pagan Clergy member and Priestess. She was a founding member of the Covenant of the Goddess’ Northwest Local Council and of the Earth Religions Cultural Association (ERCA) She is also an ordained minister with the First Nations Church & Ministry.

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