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CArds in a Tarot de Marseille readings

The Tarot cards deepen the insights, with answers to specific questions about the past, present, and future. Further, when the future is less than desirable, the cards indicate a pathway to improved results.

Using a variety of decks and layout/spreads in our readings, 
from a single card to the entire deck (or more, if need be!) our readers can help you  determine the best course of action in your current life.


Our reading rates and time time breaks are detailed here



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As Pagan Clergy, we are servants of our Community. To that end, both Katrina and Ashleigh are available for the important Life Passages – weddings/handfastings, child blessing, funerals, and the like.

These are offered by appointment only, and our availability is often limited.

More information on services we offer to the Community can be found here.

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Have you ever wondered where people go after they die?

Find out for yourself by doing a regression with

Ashleigh Mitchell

Helping people to see for themselves who they really are,  what their life's purpose is and what factors from previous lives may be affecting the realization of your goals in this lifetime is among her passions.

[Note: This service is not yet availabe due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.]




Thanks for the deep Tarot reading Ashleigh. I got so much out of it. I will take in consideration all the facets you pointed out. I truly enjoyed your insight, humor, knowledge and compassion.

Danielle R.

Danielle R.


Thanks Ashleigh/ I can relate alot to this and it brought up alot of my problems and issues and gave me a kick of motivation. thanks so much this means alot.



Ashleigh gave me a great reading. She is very accurate. I could tell because the cards pulled represent very specific aspects of my dilemma that would be hard to guess otherwise. I vet for her and will definitely return to her for readings. Thanks Ashleigh

Caroline McClatchy

Caroline McClatchy

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