Below are current members of our team of readers and clergy.

Ashleigh M

Intuitive and Holistic Tarot Reader

As a seasoned Traditionalist Witch with a deep appreciation for Shinto and Buddhist philosophies, Ashleigh offers a rich tapestry of spiritual wisdom and insight. With over 50 years of experience, she presents her mastery the art of Tarot, runestones, and Ogham, providing profound guidance to those seeking clarity and guidance.

Beyond her role as a reader, she is also an ordained minister with the esteemed First Nations Church & Ministry, embracing the sacredness of spiritual connections and the interplay of diverse faiths, and like Katrina, is an Elder High Priestess.

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CAndid photo of Ashleigh Dec. 2022, copyright 2022 M. Mitchell
Candid photo of Katrina, copyright Jan 2023, M. Mitchell

Katrina M.

Intuitive Reader

With a profound passion for Tarot that ignited during her teen years, Katrina has traversed a remarkable journey, evolving into a seasoned Pagan Clergy member and an esteemed Elder High Priestess. Her unwavering commitment to her spiritual path led her to become a founding member of both the Covenant of the Goddess’ Northwest Local Council and the Earth Religions Cultural Association (ERCA). Additionally, she proudly holds the distinguished title of an ordained minister within the esteemed First Nations Church & Ministry.

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