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Lost & Found

cover art of the Albano-Waite Tarot deck boxAfter having been missing for over a year, one of my oldest Tarot decks, my Miniature Albano-Waite Tarot, resurfaced today, on the top of my dresser. Where my glasses live at night, and I see every day.

The copyright on this deck is 1968, it’s the second printing of Frankie Albano’s recoloring of the Waite-Smith deck, sometimes described as “psychedelic colors”. I’ve never thought of the colors in that manner, I just liked them better than the muted colors I had seen on the Rider printing of the deck.

I began my study of Tarot the year we lived in Las Vegas, 1969. I don’t think I had this deck that far back, but I know I had it by 1973. It’s sadly now out of print, and the rights holder, US Games, has no plans to reprint it at present. This made me very sad, during the time my deck was missing, as its small size made it convenient to carry just about everywhere. I was able to find another copy online, but it was considerably more expensive than the $5 I originally paid. Currently, copies are selling for $250. Yeah, I looked. Can’t afford that on cards.

I’ve ordered some fanning powder to improve the shuffling process, as the deck had been in a liquid accident during their last use, and several are sticking together. I also need to figure out what to do with the box.

Katrina crocheted the red silk bag to the left for me, over a decade ago, possibly closer to 20 years. The card box has been holding together only by the strapping tape that I enclosed it in back in the 1980s. It needs substantial repair, as I don’t want to actually replace it, although I may simply have to build a new tuck box for the whole thing; I know that I can scan the box and print a new one …

But, I’m happy having my deck back. Now if my other ancient deck would come home … it’s the 1JJ Mueller/Swiss deck that I have had since 1969, and from which I learned to read cards. And yes, I have another copy, but it’s not the same thing.

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