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Kuan Yin Oracle

While I own several dozen Tarot decks, I’m not all that fond of oracle decks. In fact, until just recently, I only owned two.

I purchased this deck on something of a whim, back in 2016 – I honestly don’t recall why. It arrived, I glanced at it, and set it on a table, from where it promptly disappeared into the aethyr. Things like this are known to happen in our household, and not only with things that we want to “put someplace safe!”

I looked for a couple of years for it at various times, when it would resurface in my mind, but to no avail.

Late last year, a friend and I were discussing Kwan Yin . We both have somewhat Buddhist leanings, although neither of us are “actually” Buddhist – he also is a Martial Artist and has studied several school of Martial Arts over the decades, and while I have taken Judo and Karate, I’m by no means remotely proficient in either any longer – but Judo was over 50 years ago, and Karate was 45-48 years ago as well (I studied it for about 3 years, hence the range). 

About two weeks after this conversation, though, the deck reappeared – on the table where I had placed it some years back … 

I kind of took it as an omen that I should probably use it more often. So I went and bought another version of it as well.

Wild Kuan Yin (cover image)

Life’s like that sometimes!

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