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Inversion Tarot

Speaking of concept decks, this arrived today. I’d forgotten that I ordered it!

(Much as I recently wound up with two copies of a Gypsy Oracle deck, although in that instance one was listed as “cards” whole the other was listed as “book”, so it can be excused. I was going to return one, but Morgana was looking through it, and said she’d like it, so I gave it to her. As I don’t typically use Lenormand decks, I asked Megan if they would like to have the other one, and now I have neither!)

The Inversion Trot is depicted as chalk drawings of the Tarot of Marseille, and is “based on and inspired by the mid-century artwork originally created in 1960 by Paul Mathison for the Rolla Nordic Tarot”, a deck I have been seeking for several years (see update, below). This deck follows the ancient Marseille tarot tradition., and looks to be interesting. We’ll see how I feel after sleeping with it a few days.

UPDATE 4 Feb 2020: (Finally!!) Rolla Nordic (Muriel Doris Berulfsen) was a well known occultist in the period 1960 through her death in the 1990s She was also a Priestess in the Edmund Buczynski “Welsh Traditionalist” lineage through the same line that my Welsh 3rd comes from. I recently acquired a copy of her deck, and will have a larger piece about her and the deck in the near future.

Rolla Nordic Tarot, US Games 19981 EditionAs Simon Wintle noted, “the Rolla Nordic Tarot was conceived by Rolla Nordic, whose real name was Murielle Doris Berulfsen (1898-1996) and who was an avowed practitioner of divination, rune stones, celtic witchcraft and ceremonial magic, and author of the book “The Tarot Shows the Path” (1960 & 1990) first published during the hippie tarot revival (see cover notes). The artwork was produced by Paul Mathison in black and white so that the owner might colour the cards by hand to complement their learning process and enhance the personal nature of tarot reading.”

I have searched for a copy of it ever since, as at the time it was a very limited printing. It’s worth noting that the deck was also originally named “Tarot Shows the Path” as well.

US Games did a slightly larger print run in the 1980s, but it went out of print following her death in 1995. I recently found a seller in Japan who had a copy at a price I could afford, and it arrived this past week, after spending a week sitting in a Post Office in Los Angeles. I’m undecided if I will color it or not. I may scan the cards and color those, and keep the cards themselves uncolored.


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