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Hello, again.


The Fool, Colenan-Smith Tarot 1909
The Tarot has sometimes been described as “The Fool’s Journey.

It may also be an apt descriptor for attempting to launch a business venture during the tailing stages of a Mercury Retrograde period as well. 😀

Welcome back (if you’ve been here before) to the reconstructed edition of our website. On the evening of 18 November 2019, I managed to completely undo the previous two weeks worth of work on the website, and managed, in doing so, to revert all of the information that was online to the default “demo”settings, which overwrote the posts and pages That I had spent the past several days developing. 

And, of course, it being the aforementioned Mercury Retrograde period, site backup had not yet been activated (something I normally do immediately upon launching a new site!) So … rebuilding. Again.

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