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Getting closer

The Seven of Pentacles can represent manifestation of ideas, ambitions or goals so now is a great time to focus on what you want to achieve and make it happen. It is also a card of harvesting, cultivation, growing, planning, patience and finishing what you started.More work on the website today, most of it behind the scenes, which should be mostly invisible to you, the visitor.

Today’s card is the Seven of Pentacles, and matches well the question of “Ashleigh, Ashleigh, how does your garden grow?”

While I liked the concept of the “Mystik” theme, it just had too many bells and whistles that weren’t working for our purposes, so I’ve changed back to the Weaver Xtreme Theme, which I’ve used for several years on my other websites. Live and learn, as the saying goes.

A booking page is in the process of getting setup, it still requires more testing before it’s ready for Prime Time, but when ready, it will be the primary means for booking appointments, after the telephone number (which, by the way, is a Google Voice number, and currently goes only to voicemail.

PLEASE NOTE: Although there is a menu link above to book an appointment, it is currently non-functional. This statement will be removed once the form goes live.

We officially open for business on the First of January. I’m hoping that everything is ready by then! And, after contacting PayPal again today, I’m being told the matter is being escalated and I should hear back “within 72 hours.” Well, that is before the first. 

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