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Welcome back!

As you may have guessed, Babbling Brooke Readings is getting a facelift. It’s taken some time, and honestly, longer than we had anticipated, but it’s “mostly complete” and the site is up and running. Thanks

Tarot storage ideas

The question comes up on pretty often on every Tarot Social Media forum that I'm on, asking how to store your decks when you're on the road, or working in a shop. A lot of us use train/makeup cases. Here's a video demo of one such case, courtesy of Celt Heart, on YouTube: Hope…

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Almost ready

We are now in the last stages of setup before we can finally be officially open! It will be wonderful to finality change the message on the phone number to something other than "we're sorry we cannot take you call at this time." The paperwork for the State is complete, we are waiting for the…

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Getting closer

More work on the website today, most of it behind the scenes, which should be mostly invisible to you, the visitor. Today's card is the Seven of Pentacles, and matches well the question of "Ashleigh, Ashleigh, how does your garden grow?" While I liked the concept of the "Mystik" theme, it just had…

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About rates

I’ve had a couple of folks ask about my rates. If I'm reading at a Pagan Community event, such as at OLOTEAS, where I’m only doing brief readings, and not requesting a set payment, donations of any amount are always appreciated and accepted with thanks. For other settings, see the rate schedule, which is always…

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Hello, again.

  The Tarot has sometimes been described as "The Fool's Journey. It may also be an apt descriptor for attempting to launch a business venture during the tailing stages of a Mercury Retrograde period as well. :D Welcome back (if you've been here before) to the reconstructed edition of our website.…

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